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hey wats up? i LOVE nd games my fav one is always the latest one because each one i think is better than the last.

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am very nice and i love nd games! i play them so often my dad says i take nancy drew drugs.  
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Discuss All Games - 02:35pm Jul 27, 2010 PST - ok... i got it now but we ordered it from amazon... i finished it and it was really good and the nxt game they r coming out with sounds soo good
Nancy Drew: Trail of The Twister (#22) - 02:33pm Jul 27, 2010 PST - ok i finished the game so if any1 needs help ill b the awesome person to answer ur questions haha
Nancy Drew: Trail of The Twister (#22) - 01:53pm Jul 27, 2010 PST - never mind i got it! lol i didnt get the box tht was by the yellow flowers
Nancy Drew: Trail of The Twister (#22) - 01:30pm Jul 27, 2010 PST - has any1 finished the game yet? im really stuck... i just finished fixing the tv and nancy saw the recording of the tornado...
The Phantom of Venice (#18) - 08:33am Jul 16, 2010 PST - lol i meant to say fango.. not fargo lol
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy (#21) - 08:31am Jul 16, 2010 PST - u dont get in there until the end of the game.. where r u at now?
Discuss All Games - 06:58am Jul 16, 2010 PST - does any1 have the new game yet?? i went to target to buy it and they didnt have it and i could of sworn it was out.....