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Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 01:10pm Oct 9, 2009 PST - mjbrock79 go to and click on walkthrows then click on the letter n and then on the game you need hep with.there u go!
Secret of the Old Clock (#12) - 06:44pm Feb 3, 2009 PST - No.1fan,thanks i will try! unforchunotly i rented the game so when i get it back i will email you and see if it works!
Secret of the Old Clock (#12) - 04:49pm Feb 1, 2009 PST - Thanks no.1fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok i am in josiha crowleys barn thing i am upstairs and at the clock thing,i have already put in the symbols for flut,thisbey,and pyrimis.but i dont know what the symbols for bottom is.i have already looked at the not to gloria from joshia and looked at the nowspapper.i thout i had it but when i tryed it it dident work!i know somthing is suposed to pop out but nothing has!!!!!!!!!!!plz help soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Secret of the Old Clock (#12) - 12:19pm Jan 30, 2009 PST - bratzfan please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am at the part were you put in the symbals for bottom which wons am i suposed to push?i have already looked in the hobo thing and i thot i had it right but i guess not!so plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 06:52pm Jan 20, 2009 PST - hotchick781963,which locker are you trying to open?
Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 08:44pm Jan 13, 2009 PST - alexandra yee,sher i would be happy to help!have you been in the professors room and read the tranglation of the jornal?if you have nancy said somthing about a purppal rose right?well go back to the place were you saw the ski dude braking in to the gate and go to face the gate.turn right and you will be facing the nite thing.he is holding a spear take it and go back to the tower!in the room there is a pic of the queen and she is holding a purppal rose!!!!!!!!go to the pic and zoom up at the rose.take the spear you got and take the tils out of the rose!(to do this you need nancy to only see the rose)you cn take it from here im sher you know what to do!if you are still stuck just ask me again and ill help you!!!!

did that help?;)