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"I never really gave up on you, not really. I had always hoped."

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Hey ya'll, It's Lexi!


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Discuss All Games - 09:51pm May 1, 2012 PST - Well now we know when it came out. :P May it was.
Discuss All Games - 02:02pm Feb 23, 2012 PST - Curiosity makes me question. When does the new game come out? July?
Mrs. Drew - 08:14pm Jan 10, 2012 PST - That's very true, and I can sympathize with Nancy now, although I lost my mother at a much later age than her. But still, at any age, that's a hard thing to go through. I definitely sympathize with her.
Ned Nickerson - 08:12pm Jan 10, 2012 PST - Possibly, I can't remember if it was an original blue and orange dust jacket book that I read that in, or the next version, I know it was old, just can't remember how old.

It's always the fictional ones who are perfect. :P Gosh, give them a few flaws!..
Discuss All Games - 09:33pm Jan 4, 2012 PST - Guys, if you need help with a game, please go to that game's discussion and someone will be glad to help you :)
Mrs. Drew - 09:30pm Jan 4, 2012 PST - I did not know that, thanks TappingHeels, that makes a lot more sense now. It would still be nice to know for sure what killed her, I mean, no it's not like they have to make a huge mystery about it (although, how cool would that be?) But they could tell us for sure what killed her, even if it was just the flu pandemic..