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Sultry Brunette

~It is better to be hated for who you are, than liked for who you are not~

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I'm 34 and the mother to 3 wonderful ANGELS!!! My girls are ages 13 & 10 1/2, and my baby boy is almost 3 months.  
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Announcement Board and Other News - 11:59am Dec 6, 2008 PST - I was trying to rememember why I did a hit and run post in February, and now I recall why!

The day after I posted that I had a miscarriage... but it was a partial one we later learned...
Announcement Board and Other News - 11:43am Dec 6, 2008 PST - Sorry for the hit~and~run post in February! It has been a busy year!

I announce that I did have another baby, and HE is an angel also!..
Announcement Board and Other News - 11:50am Jan 30, 2008 PST - (((rubyj))) (((bp))) (((joy))) (((Eeva))) (((kirsten))) (((Martha))) (((Alex!))) (((Fran))) (((Stevie))) Iím sorryÖ itís tough no matter what the circumstances. (((Chris))) (((Ausie))) I know you donít!! I feel so special!..
Announcement Board and Other News - 08:33pm Jan 23, 2008 PST - After 1,100 posts in this folder, I am finally caught up! I loved reading about new babies, loves, and good news after medical scares.

I've had some major life changes recently, and I couldn't help but want to return to MN and check in and see how my old pals are doing...
Parent/Caregiver Forum - 08:39pm Sep 4, 2006 PST - (((((Nem)))) You too!! Cute little darling you and Poison have there... she's getting sooo grown up already!
Parent/Caregiver Forum - 12:41am Sep 3, 2006 PST - All of these MN babies are sooo adorable! And getting soooo big!


My Angels are 8 1/2 and (the oldest will be on Friday) 11...