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Tuppence Beresford

The higher the pedestal you put someone on, the farther you grow from them

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Hmmm, my old profile doesn't fit me somehow...

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Special Grown-Ups Place - 06:43pm Aug 9, 2005 PST - LOL, I love the golf joke
Just Because - 04:01pm Jul 31, 2005 PST - Congrats Miss Tif! :D
Special Grown-Ups Place - 05:52pm Jul 30, 2005 PST - I'm starting sophomore year of college soon :D
Special Grown-Ups Place - 09:13am Jul 30, 2005 PST - LOL, school starts early there... My mom won't be rid of me until September :P
Special Grown-Ups Place - 10:05am Jul 29, 2005 PST - Sunny! ~pounce~

(((((((Sunny))))))) How is everything?