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Movie Review - 05:46am Mar 7, 2003 PST - Used to be a major movie buff but can hardly stomach most of the crap out in the past twenty years ! My fav movies are Room with a View, Laura and the Ghost and Mrs. Muir (the house, the music - not the plot)...
Mystery Organizations - 03:23pm Mar 5, 2003 PST - The White Keys Club is still meeting. There are many adventures and mysteries to solve.
Avengers - 02:10pm Mar 5, 2003 PST - Yes, another note from a true Avengers fan. Actually this has little to do with the Avengers but I was wondering if anyone out there remembers a pilot show made in Britian in black and white in the mid sixties about a man who investigates ghosts and paranormal activity. I think Brian Clemens did it...
Avengers - 02:07pm Mar 5, 2003 PST - I love the Avengers and the official website is the ultimate for info. Excellent. It is probably the best fan website around...