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Donna Smock

Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.

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I'm one of the really, really old friends and I don't get here often. Grandma duties keep me busy and I still work part time as church secretary. I have a collection of nearly all the mystery puzzles and most of the mystery parties. I make time to catch Monk every Friday.

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Sherlock Holmes - 10:20pm Jul 16, 2010 PST - Barrie Roberts has written several good Sherlock Holmes books. Is the word you are thinking of pastiche?
01/20/03 Illinois Smith and the Treasure of Rudy - 08:05am Oct 25, 2004 PST - You confirmed I got the first part right, but I've been stumped by the treasure. I think I finally fiqured it out--emailing.
Your favorite television shows. - 09:13pm Jun 13, 1999 PST - My favorite show right now is "Mysteries & Scandals" on "E." I'm also a Mickey Rooney fan and AMC had a marathon on the other night of Andy Hardy series and his "Mickey & Judy" movies. Now this will surprise you---I like Beavis! My son does an impersonation of his voice that cracks me up...