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Originals vs. Today - 06:29am Aug 7, 2009 PST - Thanks mysteryK, I'll check it out. I'm writing a story now that's semi-real and semi-fiction about myself and Nancy Drew shows up in the story.
Originals vs. Today - 07:39am Jul 28, 2009 PST - Neat! Thanks Green Hornet & TappingHeals.
Originals vs. Today - 02:02pm Jul 26, 2009 PST - Recently read The Bungalow Mystery, the 1930s reprint edition. I love the language but don't always know what they mean:

Page 179: The sedan skidded sideways, and for a moment Nancy held her breath, fearful least it turn turtle into the ditch. Page 180: The racing car turned turtle at the edge of the road, wavering an instant, then plunged over the side of a steep cliff!..
Originals vs. Today - 08:09am Jul 26, 2009 PST - mysteryK: No offense taken. Personally I like the 1930s Nancy Drew. We all have our favorite eras...
Originals vs. Today - 07:21am Jul 25, 2009 PST - Nancy Drew putting on her shirt inside out and backwards. I haven't come across that. But I agree that they shouldn't be "dumbing down" Nancy Drew...
Originals vs. Today - 07:42am Jul 9, 2009 PST - One reason the Nancy Drew Girl Detective books seems so different from the older books is because the story is written from Nancy's point of view. The other is, of coarse, because modern day stuff is going on like texting and internet.
Originals vs. Today - 07:38am Jul 9, 2009 PST - Hi codecracker. Which Nancy Drew books have you read?