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Susan Meyers

"A room without books is like a body without a soul" Cicero

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About Susan Meyers

I'm from Oklahoma and my favorite genre is Mystery. I love the classics and have found several new "friends" over the years, including Anne George. I am a writer who has two short stories published. My favorite "guys" are my hubby of 18 years and my 14 year old son.  
Most recent posts by Susan Meyers:
How to develop a mystery? - 03:09pm Feb 17, 2005 PST - Hello:-) I just start writing. Lol, I know that sounds simple, but once I've got the plot, I start writing scenes. I don't always write my books from beginning to end...
How to develop a mystery? - 04:19pm Feb 4, 2005 PST - Hi. I'm not sure how long your post has been here. Like you, I am good at writing the characters and settings, but plotting is hard for me...
George, Anne - 07:01pm Nov 24, 2002 PST - I just finished reading Murder Boggies with Elvis. I found tears in my eyes as I realized never again will I sit at Mouse's table. I won't see baby Joanne, won't be there when Vulcan again goes up the mountain...
Father Dowling Mysteries - 07:25pm May 19, 2002 PST - Hello Fran, I never watched the show, although I love the mysteries. God bless, Susan
Paige, Robin - 01:43pm May 9, 2002 PST - Hello, Rayna, I may be mistaken in that. I've got the book, "Death at Gallows Green." On the back, it said it was by the author of "Death at Bishop's Keep" and "Death at Devil's Bridge." Do you know where "Death at Devil's Bridge" comes in the series? I love Anne Perry's books, both the ones with Inspector and Charlotte Pitt and the ones with Inspector Monk...
Paige, Robin - 04:57pm May 6, 2002 PST - I have just discovered this wonderful series. I read "Death at Bishop's Keep" and am about to start "Death at Gallows Green." I know there is one before the "bishop's Keep" one. Is it about kathryn Ardleigh in America?..
Sleuths: Male - 10:35pm Oct 30, 1998 PST - Hello. Sherlock Holmes will always be number one with me, but I have become a big Father Dowling fan. Spenser (spelled with a S like the poet) is one of my favorites too.