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I am trying to write some storys for children. A few I hope will be mysterys. I love Jack Russell Terriers.  
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Introduce Yourself - 02:27pm Oct 17, 2005 PST - Hi! I was just looking at registering in as a nother name so I could go by a pin name and I saw that it said that you had to be thirteen before you could register. I didn't realize that when I registered...
Cozy Kitchen - 12:17pm Oct 17, 2005 PST - Hi! I'm looking for a Nancy Drew mystery my Mom remembers. I think that there was a brother named Peter looking for his sister and somehow the two of them were separated...
Introduce Yourself - 10:46am Oct 15, 2005 PST - Hi! I'm not sure how to introduce myself! I'm twelve and I have three Jack Russell Terriers...
Your Favorite Books - 10:16am Oct 12, 2005 PST - Hi! I like children's books a lot (I know that might be a little strange!) But these are some I liked: "No More Dead Dogs" and "The Star Of Kazan" and "Freaky Friday" and "Redwall" though that one is a young adult. -Mary
In need of some ideas!! - 01:44pm Oct 11, 2005 PST - Drew, Don't forget the good old Sally, Jane, Bill, Frank, Joe, Tammy, Nelly, ect. Joe Smith is one I think of as super simple! -Mary
Fake Deaths - 12:59pm Oct 11, 2005 PST - If you have it so that the main person THINKS that so-in-so is dead and you have him thinking it a lots in the story. Like say he/she was in a boat and the boat sunk and the person was in it somehow saved himself and never got around to telling the main person that they were alive. Or you could have it that he/she was kiddnapped after keeping himself from drowning so that they could never tell anyone that they were alive...
How to develop a mystery? - 12:23pm Oct 11, 2005 PST - Hi! I'm new too. Susan, Sometimes I write like that!..