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I am blind. I am thirteen years old. I go to Tri-unity. I am a Christain. . I can help you guys on STAY TUNED FOR DANGER, DANGER ON DECPTION ISLAND,COURSE OF BLACKMOOR MANOR and a LITTLE BIT of Treasure on the royal tower. I will now apoligze if i all of a sudden cut you off. It is eather because My mom wants to e-mail and gets ticked at me if i am not off ameaditly or my mom has to make a phone call. We have AOL you see so i am realy sorry! I was wondering if you will forgive for my seam to be rudness. Thanks! I also love acting and and reading mysteries. I read a book a day. I LOVE NANCY DREW!!!!!  
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Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 04:37pm Feb 10, 2005 PST - know all of those things. I need help! Where is the puzzle for the last collum!!..
Discuss All Games - 04:35pm Feb 10, 2005 PST - yeah i know Nancyfan anyways...I think treasures in the royal tower is the best! I am playing it now but it is really good. I loved loved loved The Curse of Blackmoor manor...
Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 04:30pm Feb 10, 2005 PST - lol.
Curse of Blackmoor Manor (#11) - 04:30pm Feb 10, 2005 PST - no no no! The one that is right next to the moon one. On your right.