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Backstage - 02:27pm Apr 17, 2007 PST - I have plenty ideas that are almost completed. One is a Haunted Hotel. (OOH!..
Comments and/or Suggestions - 01:30pm Jan 14, 2007 PST - Yes. Let's get the ball rolling! I have, a, not very clear idea, but, I have enough, for, one!
Backstage - 04:28am Jun 15, 2006 PST - Are you supposed say who the bad guy is in the outline for the storyline?
Just Because - 05:27am Jun 12, 2006 PST - Teenagers are stupid? Are you just kidding with us or do you mean it?
Just Because - 08:45am Jun 7, 2006 PST - Correction. I meant I wanted to see if they are still doing it.
Just Because - 08:38am Jun 7, 2006 PST - I know. I just wanted to see if any other people have started an idea. Thanks.
Just Because - 05:33am Jun 7, 2006 PST - Does anybody know if they still do Mystery Parties?