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Member of the White Keys Club, a group dedicated to solving mysteries, having adventures and working on intricate puzzles and riddles. We have good, clean fun - but sometimes get into real hot water!  
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Peters, Elizabeth - 08:07am Oct 9, 2003 PST - Elizabeth Peters reigns! I miss Schmidt terribly and wish to God she'd do a Bliss. I know I'm not alone...
Amerman, Lockhart - 06:08am Oct 10, 2003 PST - Amerman is the author of Guns in the Heather, Cape Cod Casket and The Sly One. His books are a little hard to find these days. If you have read this author, please post your thoughts on his work.
Avengers - 07:55am Oct 9, 2003 PST - I used to love the New Avengers, and I think Joanna Lumley is terrific, but Gareth Hunt stinks and the episodes are now rather painful to watch - they didn't stand up well over time. Not compared to the Emma Peel episodes. Sorry, just my opinion.
Mystery Organizations - 07:37am Oct 9, 2003 PST - The White Keys Club - for a list of best adventures contact Want to really have fun? Its sort of like Sherlock meets Mr...