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Murder mystery weekends at West Point & Mount Mohonk, New York, are great!

Some favorite mystery authors: Jane Haddam, Anne Perry, Amanda Cross, Dorothy Sayers, Dorothy Cannell, Carolyn G. Hart, Robert Bernard, Lilian Jackson Braun, Philip Craig, Jill Churchill, Joan Hess, Jaqueline Girdner, Carolina Garcia-Aquilera, Annie Griffin, Tamar Myers, Elizabeth Daniels Squire, Audrey Peterson, Nancy Pickard, Marissa Piesman, and last, but never least - Agatha Christie.  
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Comments and Suggestions for Social Lounge - 09:40pm Dec 29, 2000 PST - I just joined MysteryClub. I use a Mac computer and Internet Explorer browser, and I haven't experienced any problems, so maybe the bugs I've read about in older posts have been worked out.