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#159 The Secret of the Fiery Chamber - 08:02am Dec 13, 2011 PST - Yes, that seems to be the trend.

My feeling is that, as things gets worse in the real world, the publisher must believe it will take more to make things thrilling for readers. I say there is enough real life stuff and kids should not have to think about them while reading Nancy.
Ask a Book Related Question - 07:54am Dec 13, 2011 PST - Here is the plot from File #46:

When Carson Drew invests in a Derby entry called Pied Piper, Nancy and Bess fly to the big event. The favorite is Toot Sweet, but during a workout an accident nearly takes the horse's jockey out of the running. Later, while racing, the jockey takes a nasty spill, and Nancy is sure the real cause is foul play...
Nancy Drew : Girl Detective and Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers Super Mysteries - 03:47am Jun 8, 2011 PST - Bonfire Masquerade is due out in July, 2011.
#091 The Girl Who Coulden't Remember - 03:40am Jun 8, 2011 PST - Here's a brief summary:

A trip to Wisconsin's Lake Minosha is supposed to be a relaxing vacation for Nancy, George and Bess--without any mysteries. But moments after they arrive a young woman, scratched and bruised, falls across their cabin's threshold.
Death on the 4th of July - 02:30am Jun 8, 2011 PST - This is a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mystery - it appears that it also goes by the title Murcer on the 4th of July. I will move this over to the ND/Hardy Boys discussions.