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"Crouched upon a rock or tree...It eats either you or me...It needs neither knife nor bowl...Drinks your blood out of your skull." ~Heather Alexander

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"Summon the horn and call the cry. How many of them can we make die?"
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I Confess - 07:20pm Oct 17, 2014 PST - (((Fran)))

I confess... it has been too long since I last poked my nose here. In my defense I have a nearly 21 month old, active, loveable boy and usually by the time I can get on the computer without his assistance I'm too tired.

Life has been really stressful lately...
Scream - 11:27am Nov 27, 2013 PST - Blargle! A friend is having back/hip/nerve problems. They put her on meds to try and help, she got the nasty side effects, ending her up at the ER for the 3rd time since Thursday and will probably be admitted this time.

Other friend is sick again.

People getting sick/hurt right before holidays is no fun...
Scream - 09:52pm Oct 17, 2013 PST - (((Kirs)))
Announcement Board and Other News - 10:49pm Oct 17, 2013 PST - I announce: I wish I had time for the MP but with a 9 month old I'm lucky to get more than 10 minutes on the computer at a reasonable hour. He steals my mouse! Only here now because I couldn't sleep.
A Folder For Fran ;-) - 11:19am Aug 31, 2013 PST - (((Fran)))
Cozy Kitchen - 09:08am Aug 13, 2013 PST - I would leave it in boxes and try to sell. Take pics of the boxes.
Announcement Board and Other News - 07:10pm Aug 4, 2013 PST - I wouldn't bet on it. He's already trying to walk along the edges of stuff.