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I confess...started using wrinkle cream and dyed my my face is darker and my hair is wrinkled...whassup with that?

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This is a great site for all mystery fans. I enjoy reading Native-American mysteries...and need to stop watching QVC. I live in west Texas, where the summers are hot and the winters, well, if and when it decides to be winter!

My AIM is rubyj2000mn (and I'm rarely there). Alternate email:

Okay, a little more - I worked in the mental health field, in social services...for what seems forever...and am officially retired as of May 2011!
Past bylines...Paperwork can cause irreversible brain damage...especially when you become so frustrated you beat your head against a wall... We, the Jury :)
Move slowly away from the chocolate and nobody gets hurt (something like that)
Don't ask...I've already forgotten the question!
When you actually start looking for those kids who go around selling "World's Finest" know you're in trouble!
If you wanted my opinion, I'd have asked! Wait, that didn't sound right...
For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given, and the government will be upon His shoulder...Isaiah 9:6
Its not the thought that counts, its the present...wait, that can't be right?
One of these days I'll make up my mind...course by then I'll have to find it first.
You only need to experience a bad job once to figure out why a dog chases its tail.
As the dark, ebony, deeply-hued, deathly quiet, heavy, smothering, never-ending, damp, musky, depressing, crazed night dragged on...darn, writer's block!
...beam me up Scotty, Bones, Uhura...anyone but Kirk...
...don't forget to vote...and if ya don't, I better not hear any whining outta ya!
For the ones who gave their children, spouses, loved ones & friends...for the ones who served in times of peace and war...for the ones who gave their very lives...THANK YOU!
Wishing the weather would make a decision...but then again, I do live in Texas...
Praying for...peace...our soldiers and allies...the enemies of freedom...and all the innocents trapped in between.
Hooray...Monk returns in June! Check it out...this ad has been endorsed by the Monk for President campaign...
From the mouths of babes comes truth...and spit-up, lots and lots of spit-up!
My life is poetry...sags, bags and memory lags...
Help me someone...I'm stuck in a wax museum and...*thwack*
...if the book seems dull...just keep reading and turning pages...
diamonds are not a girl's best friend...duc[k]t tape is more versatile and comes in many colors...
Never gets really cold in West TX...and if it does it doesn't stick around for long...yeah right, tell that to Winter 2011...and my freezing digits...
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That itchy, scratchy feeling.
Special Thoughts - 09:30pm May 25, 2016 PST - Thank you, it was & is hard...Mother's Day was so difficult. I love all of you, miss visiting here and hope that we will stay in touch through that book with a face...which I still think is what drew many away. Hope you are all well...Happy Birthday to all that I've missed posting for months now.
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As sad as...