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I Confess - 07:17am Sep 13, 2014 PST - ((((Fran))))
Post n Go Old n New - 05:30am Feb 26, 2009 PST - I'm going to be away for a while. Can someone call for votes and tally for me? Thanks.
Tell It With Lyrics/Lyrics Challenge - 07:13pm Feb 24, 2009 PST - You set sail across the sea
Of long past thoughts and memories.
Childhood's end, your fantasies
Merge with harsh realities.

Pink Floyd - Childhood's End
Cozy Kitchen - 08:55pm Feb 23, 2009 PST - I prefer to eat bananas plain. Just peel 'em and eat 'em.

I'm usually the last person to try any weird combination of foods, but one that I like is PB&J & bacon on toast...
The Voices in my Head - 07:44pm Feb 23, 2009 PST - Voices inside the head of the office copier.

You want 50 collated, two-sided copies of a 500 page document?!?

Yeah, right! In your dreams!
Post n Go Old n New - 03:52pm Feb 23, 2009 PST - I'll go with the same game...

One Thousand and One Uses For...

Adapted for MN by Stevie B

The host suggests an object/person/animal/some other noun. Everyone is invited to make suggestions as to how this thing may be used...
Quips - 02:36pm Feb 21, 2009 PST - Shelly!