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Big fan of film and, of course, the master, Alfred Hitchcock.  
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The Movies of Alfred Hitchcock - 06:40am Dec 4, 2007 PST - Note to Mr Marlowe

Whilst your comment that Alfred Hitchcock was locked up by the police on a suggestion of his father may indeed be is not a fact. Hitchcock told this anecdote a number of times and it must indeed have a lot of truth to it..but there is no evidence to support the claim, this must be remembered.
The Movies of Alfred Hitchcock - 06:36am Dec 4, 2007 PST - BTW

I'm unsure "lil Belle" if Alfred went so far as painting but am aware that he would sketch sets for set designers and costumes for costumers. What he did do was collect artworks...notably a number of Walter Sickert's works (more recently this artist has been accused by an Amreican crime writer "Patricia Cornwell" as the original "Jack the Ripper".
The Movies of Alfred Hitchcock - 06:32am Dec 4, 2007 PST - A re-appraisal of "The Paradine Case" is overdue.

Many peopple view this film as a basically Selznick picture, and there is no doubt that the man's mucky paw prints have effected the movie, but I think this movie has a similar autobiographical resonance to "Vertigo". The film concentrates on how the male obsession first deifies then discards the fantasy figure Madaleina Paradine...