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Dave Batchelder

"Fragile. Do not drop." - Found on Boeing 757

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Formerly known as Dave, student at a private school. Played Nicholas Macevoy in Island Wedding MP, a character that went down in the annals of MN. Some people have said that Nick's obsession with sheep and (bad) puns have seeped into me. They're probably right.

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Just Because - 06:21pm Mar 27, 2006 PST - Later - and good luck again!
Just Because - 06:12pm Mar 27, 2006 PST - I give tours, and I'm also on an e-recruitment committee that handles online chats. That, and secretarial junk. I have no say in the decision process, though.
Just Because - 06:07pm Mar 27, 2006 PST - I have two midterms on Wednesday. I also work for the Admissions Office here at Hopkins, and the letters go out this week - that should be hectic and busy. Good luck with Middlebury and Brown.
Just Because - 05:58pm Mar 27, 2006 PST - Excellent excellent - I see you got into Carnegie Mellon - congrats!
Just Because - 05:34pm Mar 27, 2006 PST - Ze!

How are you doing - is this the week you find out about colleges? Or did you apply early anywhere?..