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Joy Gold

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Phrase and Re-Phrase - 10:31am Jan 4, 2009 PST - Sorry to be missing in action while Kid #2 that we see once or twice a year was home. BBS
Redefining the Dictionary - 10:13pm Dec 29, 2008 PST - How steeple taxes are calculated

Phrase and Re-Phrase - 09:09pm Dec 29, 2008 PST - ((((eek))))
in dreams? dreamings?
cognizant = awake?..
It's All In The... Lettering? - 09:06pm Dec 29, 2008 PST - newvous?
The List - 08:42pm Dec 29, 2008 PST - Procrastination
Phrase and Re-Phrase - 08:08pm Dec 28, 2008 PST - LOL! I love this game but don't get here often lately

the most closely resembling = truest?
our fantastical subconscious states = dreaming?