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Community Games Comments and Suggestions - 11:35am Mar 10, 2005 PST - Hello everyone actually I have created a mystery and I am hosting it at my yahoogroups and have gotten friends involved to solve them thanks for your incorragement!!!!!!
Community Games Comments and Suggestions - 11:57am Feb 28, 2005 PST - On the kitchen table was yesterday mail bills and a statement from the bank also a note pad. Forensics brought ot the writing from the prevous message from a bank examiner checking out three thousand dollars that had been with drawn. Van Houston noted somethings wrong.
Community Games Comments and Suggestions - 11:50am Feb 28, 2005 PST - If you said yes you where correct!
Community Games Comments and Suggestions - 11:48am Feb 28, 2005 PST - Suicide or Homicide?When a 96 year old Reginald Van Houston's last act is to dial 911 When the police arrive on the scene thay find his Body lying in a pool of his own blood next to the phone,the blood still ozing out of the knife wound to his chest. The blood splatter indicates he crawled from the kitchen to the parlor, a kitchen knife had blood on it was found on the floor in the kitchen. The phone in the kitchen had been pulled lose and was not working,in the kitchen was medication for prostate cancer,he was in pain suffering suicide or homicide...
Sherlock Holmes - 07:55am Feb 17, 2005 PST - Is anyone a wanta be Holmes writer?
Sherlock Holmes - 06:21am Feb 17, 2005 PST - I love Sherlock Holmes Storys so much I created my own, where you can assist holmes by unscramble a word message sent to him by his arch-enemy Professor James Moriarty. The letter is scramble letters like /GRUTEN/Re arrange the letter you get URGENT it also can be turned into one of those Sherlock Holmes games so now the games a foot!!!!!