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Princess. Daughter of the 1 and only TRUE King!!! =D LuV yA mUcH *MwAh* ~__LegaLLy_BruneTTe__~

About Legally_Brunette

I love watching movies, especially Legally Blonde, and as you could tell,BUT! I am a bodacious brunette(w/ highlites);) I play club vball, and luv playin ALL types of sports. I`ve been reading Nancy Drew sinz the 3rd grade, and hav gotten EVERY 1 of mi frinds into ND. lol! But I`ve beaten alllll the games, and hav helped lots of mi frinds beat them too. Lol! And I`m an Oregon DUCK fan! U of O!!ALLLL the way!!!! I`m also a Roxy loverER and Nike LuverER(mi uncle is one of the heads 4 Jordan line so i practically liv on Nike)..and..hmm..o ya! And one of my frinds on this site is GymStar. I luv instant messaging, and a FEW of mi OTHER fave movies would HAVE 2 b:
  • Romey & Michelle`s High Skool Reunion
  • Austin Powers: Goldmember
  • Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Hidalgo
  • Tomb Raider
  • EtC eTc EtC...* And I LUV Orlando Bloom/Johnny Depp!(Who doesn`t?) ;)
  • *But I like ~GaRreTt B~: -B~E-T~T-E~R-** (He is from my skool tho. hehe)
  • AND TO ALL THE CLUB VBALLRS OUT THUR: GOOD LUCK tryin 2 get the DAVIS CUP from my team!!! C `yall @ InTeRnAtIoNaLs!!! ;)*
  • OY! And I 4got the One I love MOST of all. JESUS CHRIST!!!
  • **Christian!! And proud of it!!***
  • ~*GoD bLeSs ThE tRoOpS*~

  • There`s SOOO MUCH more I could tell you about me, soo little time!* Luv ya! *MwAh* ____LegaLLy_bruneTTe____  
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    Discuss All Games - 09:41pm Aug 9, 2004 PST - Is the Secret of Shadow Ranch short like The Haunted Carousel was? Some reviewers said that kind of tried to be an "AUTHENTIC" ranch vacation, and went a little off of the mystery. Is that true?..
    Message in a Haunted Mansion GAMEBOY Game - 05:34pm Jun 9, 2004 PST - jambagal~ Sort of. But I`m not exactly sure because I played it after I already beat the PC game, so...I'd say it`s probably medium...? lol!
    Message in a Haunted Mansion GAMEBOY Game - 05:28pm Jun 9, 2004 PST - jambagal~ ya it`s for Gameboy Advance. It`s the same as Message In A Haunted Mansion PC game. :)
    Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7) - 06:58pm May 19, 2004 PST - Animalove~ Try goin 2 a walkthru, or look @ mi earlier post 2 JohnStamos grl. She asked a similar q. :)
    The Final Scene Computer Game (#5) - 07:04pm May 18, 2004 PST - alishia~



    Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7) - 07:02pm May 18, 2004 PST - JohnStamos~ For better instructions, try a walkthru. :) Good Luck. =D
    Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Computer Game (#7) - 07:01pm May 18, 2004 PST - Animalove~ The PDA is the green thingy w/ the purple outline, and it has a white eye thing on it. :) It tells u all the info u collected throughout the game. :)