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*"Velvet and brocade?" George echoed. "You're gushing, Nancy, and that's not like you. It sounds as though you're coming down with a bad case of wedding fever. Has Ned caught it, too? Are the two of you going to be the next bride and groom?" "Oh, please!" Nancy protested. "I am not gushing, and neither of us has wedding fever. I'm going to be Angela's bridesmaid, and Ned's going to be a groomsman, and that's absolutely all there is to it!" *** As Nancy hung up the phone in her room, she glanced at Angela's sketches again. There was no doubt about it: A Christmas wedding was very romantic. For a brief moment she pictured herself in the bridal gown and veil, with a beaming Ned at her side. * Betrayed By Love-Nancy Drew Files # 118

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Hey! I am a little Mrs. Nancy Nickerson obsessed! I love Ned and Nancy. Love Ya!

NoTe: Read my Second line of info! ("Velvet and brocade?" it starts with) I LOVE IT!

Books- Love:Nancy Drew! Duh! I really don't read that much so Nancy Drew is my fav! Hate:Nancy Drew on Campus... I really hate Jake Collins! BOO HISS BOO HISS!!!

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#028 Mardi Gras Masquerade - 05:37pm Sep 8, 2008 PST - It is! Very cute! Nancy and Ned are cute together in this book...
George Fayne - 05:23pm Sep 8, 2008 PST - Yeah, George and Bess tell ch. 1-14 and Nancy tells 15.

Well anywhoooooo....
#024 Murder on the Set - 05:10pm Sep 8, 2008 PST - Yeah, I did like this one. But like I said... Sad then cute!
Files #074 Greek Odyssey - 04:56pm Sep 8, 2008 PST - Yeah, Yeah.

Mrs. Nancy Nickerson-Drew
Nancy Drew Files: The "New Series" Like or Dislike? - 06:09am Sep 1, 2008 PST - nicki-Thanks!
Nancy Drew Files: The "New Series" Like or Dislike? - 11:37am Aug 29, 2008 PST - I read some of the first chapters on these books. Can any of you tell me a summary and rate these?

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