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If you want to feel rich, count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

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About Calali

Hello all! My name is Cally but I go by the name Calali on this website. I've had this account since July 2002 and have been visiting and chatting regularly.

I know that lately I haven't been on as much as usual. :( Anyway, I'm glad to say I'm back, but you'll have to wait a little while for my next story installment. :D

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Treasure in the Royal Tower Computer Game (#4) - 03:40pm Jul 1, 2009 PST - noodleleg- The door leading outside is located in the locker room past Jacque's ski rental area. Once you open the door, the shed will be in front of you. Don't forget to visit the garden while you are out there!..
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (#13) - 05:29pm Mar 8, 2006 PST - Hosman- I believe the train stopped for me when I connected all of those pipes that can be found in vents in different rooms, 4 in all.
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (#13) - 05:29pm Mar 2, 2006 PST - yoj-ya- Do you mean the one that you have to use everything except the p's? I think you use everything except pickled fish, peanut butter, peppers and something else.