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TARDIS Express; When it absolutely, positively HAS to be there before you mail it!

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likes; agatha christie, arthur conan doyle, ngaio marsh, dorothy sayers, emily brightwell, monica ferris, hazel holt, star wars, isaac asimov, asst other sci-fi & sf, AND nascar. dislikes; condescending attitudes, "the ratpack" mentality, "neo" sherlock holmes stories, and hard boileds.

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Andrews, Donna - 04:58pm Jun 17, 2006 PST - she is good
Atherton, Nancy - 04:39pm Jun 17, 2006 PST - more aunt dimity. that's all i have to say. can anyone have anything better to say about mysteries that have no murder in them?..
Something new: 10 novels (or so) where you guessed the solution - 04:33pm Jun 17, 2006 PST - the movies i've seen based on her novels, before i read the books i.e. death under the sun, were easy to figure out. i went and read the books and the stories were so much more complex:0 i always find myself getting SOOO into the interplay of the characters that the mystery completly slips my mind LOL...
Top 10 Books - 04:24pm Jun 17, 2006 PST - death comes as the end is a downright fascinating book. not only a good mystery, but educatinal(boohiss) to boot!
Special Grown-Ups Place - 10:41pm Jun 1, 2006 PST - i've heard that b4 jersey. and i just have to say that truer words have never been spoken*lol*
Andrews, Donna - 10:31pm Jun 1, 2006 PST - c'mon ppl, owls well that ends well is kewl! i don't much care for the computer stories of hers but...
Brightwell, Emily - 10:24pm Jun 1, 2006 PST - c'mon ppl. this is a good series (formerly, i was stikeforce)