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Resnick, Mike: "Dog in the Manger"

Mike Resnick Books

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Resnick, Mike

Dog in the Manger
By Mike Resnick

Published by Seventh Street Mysteries imprint of Prometheus Books 2012

If you read ”The Trojan Horse” another Eli Paxton Mystery book, then you know how much I enjoy this style of writing, the character Paxton, and the humor that Resnick brings throughout a well devised mystery plot! Being an animal lover I truly enjoy that Paxton seems to wind up protecting or finding animals. Last time it was a thoroughbred colt and this time a Show Dog named Baroness, a beautiful Weimaraner who is the current winner in the Westminster Dog Show. It is a case that Paxton very much wishes he had not taken.

A man shows up and asks Paxton to find this Show Dog that he was in charge of transporting from her home kennel where she is the owner’s wife’s special dog, to a breeder since she is in season. But guess what? The dog simply disappears off the radar! The client will have to pay for the dog if she is not found or proof of her death is found.

Paxton takes the case because his utilities are overdue for payment. Paxton finds that the dog was crated and driven “supposedly” to the airport and handed over to a special air carrier but they say no dog was shipped and then he finds that the woman who had her is found dead in her station wagon in the river. There is a manger/crate with no dog and the door to it still locked. Where is the Baroness? Trust me on this, you could guess where this would go until doomsday and you probably would not even come close.

I would love to tell you about all the twists and turns in this plot but I simply have no idea of how to tease you with enough of the mystery plan without giving too much away … so I will just tell you some of the highlights and dare you to read this one and come back and tell me, when did you have it figured out!!

People start dying in mysterious ways, a cargo plane goes missing, and someone is definitely trying to kill him! At one point I thought Eli Paxton was going to show up at the Pearly Gate and make a friend out of St Peter … believe me that scene will blow you away. During this investigation Paxton gets in waaayyy over his head. In the search to find the dog or find that the dog has died he gets so tied up with an elaborate cover-up that he fears he is on the “kill list” as people who have knowledge start being killed. I would definitely recommend this mystery to you … it should be on everyone’s Summer Reading list!!

About the Author:

Resnick has won 5 Hugo Awards from 36 nominations! His works of 68 novels have been translated into 25 languages. How is that for impressive? A native of Chicago, Resnick attended the University of Chicago where he met his wife, Carol. He also produced a weekly column on horse racing for more than a decade, and for eleven years wrote a monthly column on purebred Collies, which he and his wife bred and exhibited. Mike Resnick is the author of "Dog in the Manger" another book for animal lovers and the first Eli Paxton mystery. Resnick currently lives in Cinncinati Ohio.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Resnick, Mike: "Dog in the Manger"

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