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Gross, Andrew: "Eyes Wide Open"

Andrew Gross Books

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Eyes Wide Open

Published by Harper Collins
July 2011

Price: $25.99 338 pages

In his new book Gross (who btw is too good looking for his own good) shifts his writing style enough to where I was unsure where he was going to take this story. Sadly he had a true connection to a similar tragedy in his real life that spurred his desire, or maybe even need, to write this book for himself as well as his deceased relative, Alex Gross!

In 2009 Andrew received one of those most-feared phone calls telling him that a beloved and troubled nephew was found dead at the bottom of a cliff on the California coast. Drawing on his own experience with this troubling loss, Gross channels his grief and mourning and even the anger he feels into this haunting and mesmerizing story of his character's dogged determination to hunt down those resposible for the deathS that are piling up until he finally is face to face with the sick mastermind ultimately responsible and finds himself confronting a disturbing stranger from his teen years. A man that even though the ecounter had been brief, it had always stayed in the darkness in his memories! Now he would understand "why" but is he equipped to fight the evil of this fanatical "PuppetMaster"?

This is a departure in my opinion, from Gross's books written with friend and mentor James Patterson but after a few chapters of building his foundation Gross drew me into his story of "rage, redemption and accountability". I warn you ahead of time that if, like myself, you still have nightmares of the horrifying Manson Murders and still shiver at the sight of him and his mindless animalistic followers, this book might bring back some bad memories! But I encourage you to get past that and find some reassurance through this well-written fictional story that sometimes comes eerily close to the reality we saw played out.

Successful East Coast surgeon Jay Erlich gets a late night call just as Gross himself had but the fictional Jay has many very dark secrets in his past ... in his family! His nephew, now dead, had shown promise of breaking away from the mental illness and family problems that had plagued him. Jay, who suffers tremendous guilt over his older half brother Charlie who is so emotionally crippled, that he and his wife Gabby both live off disability and financial help from Jay as well. But Jay, with his guilt of having been blessed with his brilliant mind and his living the good life cannot shake his feeling of responsibility to his devoted but messed up brother. Jay leaves his practice in the hands of his partners and flies alone out to "be there" for his devastated and suicidal brother and his kind hearted grieving wife Gabby, also bi-polar and troubled. The only bright spot in their lives had been Evan, their only child, now dead at 21 and beyond their care. Gross very deftly weaves this seemingly open and shut case of suicide into a slowly evolving tangle of creeping tentacles that have long been festering under the surface and he manages like the surgeon that his main character is, to cut through all the layers of decay and infections until he exposes the main disease at the heart of it all -- a Charles Manson-like egomaniac that will chill the blood of even the most callused readers!

About the Author:
Gross is one of the new breed of mystery writer that is so skilled he makes it look easy! He has co-authored five books with the brilliant James Patterson. His novel The Dark Tide was nominated for the Best Thriller of the Year! Another of his books, Reckless . should not be missed!
Andrew Gross lives in New York with his, I am certain very proud wife, Lynn.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Gross, Andrew: "Eyes Wide Open"

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