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Brandreth, Gyles: "Oscar Wilde and the Vatican Murders"

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Oscar Wilde and the Vatican Murders
by Gyles Brandreth
Published 2012
Touchstone Books/ Simon Schuster
US $14.00

Yay! I have to admit that my face lit up when I opened my package and saw this book! I have truly enjoyed the other four in this series so I just knew I was in for a treat! I was not to be disappointed. Brandreth has managed to take such well known and established characters as Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle and breathe new life into them with his brilliant, refreshing take on them.

Macabre packages begin to arrive addressed to Sherlock Holmes 221B Baker Street. These disturbing items find their way to the fan mail of Conan Doyle who takes them, along with a satchel full of other mail, with him as he heads to a spa vacation in Germany where he meets up with Oscar Wilde, his old friend and true "partner in crime". When the two men discover amongst the letters of praise and inquiries a lock of hair, a finger, and a severed embalmed hand wearing a ring that connects them with the Vatican ... not a moment is lost as they rush off to Rome to uncover many things, not only who sent these items, but also because they are certain more lives are at stake - possibly even the Pope or his inner circle. Brandreth takes the reader by the scruff of the neck and propels them along on this brilliantly written, fiendishly plotted and thoroughly satisfying chase as Wilde and Doyle put their masterful sleuthing skills to their greatest tests!

The sinister revelations begin even before they set foot in Rome, as on the train ride, they meet a young clergyman and his charming sister who is immediately smitten with Doyle. The name will bring a smile to the face of all true Sherlockians ... Irene Sadler! Being already established in Rome, these fascinating two become part of a cluster of some of the most well developed characters Brandreth has created. In this gathering of characters truly "no one is as they seem"! Once in Rome our "duo" quickly pulls together a dozen or more fascinating players in this strange dance of death and deceit. Wilde and Doyle are up against much more than their normal physical clues and scientific evidence when miracles, possession and the spiritual deadly sins deep inside the Vatican become the center of this horror!

Brandreth has become a true artist as he so skillfully writes the dialog between these two detectives. From the flamboyant Wilde to the staid Doyle it is a natural jump to see the similarity of Holmes and Watson ... but for me that is what I love about this series!! I truly enjoyed this book and was fascinated with all the information of the workings inside the Vatican and a glimpse into the lives of those closest to the Pope and the twisted frailties of those saints who would be sinners ... or even murderers. Well done Brandreth!

About the Author:
Gyles Brandreth is a prominent BBC Broadcaster, novelist, biographer, and theatre producer. He has written bestselling biographies of Britain's royal family and an acclaimed diary of his years as a member of Parliment.

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