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Hart, Carolyn: "The Devereaux Legacy"

Carolyn Hart Books

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The Devereaux Legacy

by Carolyn Hart

Published by Seventh Street Books 2 - 2013
Price $13.95

What a gem this novel was for me. I knew that if it was written by one of my favorite writers, Carolyn Hart who has written more than 45 novels, that surely I would enjoy it. I normally am not one for romance books BUT this book was much much more than that. It is a story of a young woman who knew nothing of her past or her parents, except for the very few things that her Grandmother, her Father's Mother had shared. She knew that her Grandmother had fled with her as a baby from something terrible and she kept her dark secrets till after her death. It was only after her Grandmother's death and the letter that she had left Leah that she became determined to go to her Mother's home, a plantation in South Carolina to get the answers she had longed for all her life. What Leah steps into is not only a seeming time warp but the stay with her Mother's mother, her Grandmother Carrie,finds that she is in great danger herself. Leah finds herself in danger as well, as she has to fight for the much desired knowledge through a group of relatives and servants to get to the solution she longs for. A ghost "the lady in white" is seen again. To the people there this can only mean death!

Leah is doggedly determined to correct the wrongs done to her mother and father by digging deep into everything that she is told to "leave alone". Among the relatives residing at the several plantations on the Devereaux land are 3 adopted cousins (no blood relation) among whom is her Mother's spurned beau, the cousin who has run the plantation for many years for her Aunt Carrie, her standoffish husband and the mysterious Merrick ... is the handsome churlish man falling in love with her or simply manipulating her? So much of what she is uncovering is too much for her to make sense of that she stumbles through narrow escape after escape until in the end, the reader is tied in knots trying to follow the plot. Just like I like them! After a well written and plotted out scary and tense story the end comes up and hits you upside the head with a frightening end that must be read to believe. I will give nothing away .. it is a Hitchcockian ending that I know you will enjoy! Do not read this on a stormy night!!! muahaha!!

About the Author:

Carolyn Hart is a favorite writer of many people over her long career. She has been the recipient of many awards such as the Agatha, Anthony and Macavity Awards. She lives in Oklahoma City, OK. She has written over 47 books that have thrilled millions! She loves her husband Phil, her cats, mysteries, happy ghosts, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Hart, Carolyn: "The Devereaux Legacy"

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