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Rules, Guidelines and Etiquette for Posting

First of all, I would like to welcome everyone to our website. My Screen Name is Lucky Star and I am the Community Coordinator for all of MysteryNet.com. Since our site is so big, we have developed guidelines and rules for using the site in order to keep things simple and easy to use. Please read the rules before posting on the site. Thanks!

Members must register, with a valid email address, before making a post. New users will have to supply an email address or not be permitted to post. Everyone is invited to post, but there are some rules for posting. Foul, abusive or mean posts are not tolerated and will be deleted. This may result in a warning or total loss of access to our site, depending on the severity of the offense.

Each discussion has a topic. Please do not chat or talk about other things in the discussions. Post only on the topic. Chatting in the discussions can result in a loss of your access, since it is critically important to keep order on a site this large.

Identifying information is not permitted, since there are so many kids visiting this site. You are not permitted to post IM screen names or personal information that may put you at risk.

Please do not use font color or ALL CAPS in your posts. ALL CAPS is considered to be yelling in internet etiquette. Color posts are hard on the eyes to read through - this is not a rule, but a request from me that you do not use it and therefore, spare my eyes!

Please respect members' rights for privacy. Do not email members unless you have first gotten permission from them to do so.

You are permitted to add new discussions, but this too has guidelines. Before making a discussion, please get feedback on it first by posting your interest at Q&A. Most of the discussions here are centered on Nancy Drew. We do, however, have some other interesting topics in our Social Lounge and we invite you to post there. We want to keep good control over new discussions, since, if everyone who visited created a new one, there would be chaos here instead of order, making the site frustrating for members to use. We try to keep the topics things that adults would also be interested in discussing, since this is intended to be an adult site. Discussions must first get approval before posting.

Please post game questions only in the appropriate game discussion. Please do not post the villians name or ask who the villian is. This can spoil it for those who have not yet completed the game. There is no chatting permitted in the games discussions. To discuss the games in general, please visit Discuss All Games. Remember, that is for general conversation on the games and not the correct place to post questions about a specific game.

One story at a time may be up. This has its own separate set of guidelines, which can be read in the description for Create Your Own Nancy Story.

The Add On stories have their own separate set of guidelins, which can be read in the description for Guidelines for Contributing to the Add On Mysteries.

We strive to make the site enjoyable for everyone. Following these rules and guidelines help make our site one of the best Nancy sites on the Web. If you have any problems or questions, you may Contact Me.


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 [F] Nancy Drew Grownups Discussions  / Rules, Guidelines and Etiquette for Posting