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Armstrong, Lori : "Mercy Kill"

Lori Armstrong Books

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"Mercy Kill"
by Lori Armstrong

Published 2011 by Touchstone
of Simon & Schuster

Price $15.00 USA

"We all have two wolves inside us constantly fighting, one is good and one is evil. The one that wins is the one we choose to feed." An old Lakota Indian story.

For Mercy Gunderson this is the battle she faces new each day. This exciting mystery focuses on the struggles Mercy has while dealing with the demons of her many years in the Army as a hard as nails combat scarred but skilled soldier and sniper. To Mercy her struggles to balance her desire for normalcy and her drive to remain "illusive" in all areas of her life are challenged worse than they ever have been when she comes across the mutilated body of a former war buddy who had brought her back from the dead after an explosion collapses a building on top of her.

Mercy is driven by her feelings of the debt she owes this man and her determination to bring justice to this county in South Dakota where her revered father had been Sheriff for decades before dying and leaving his considerable sized ranch to her and her sister. Having had a life of strict rules, survival and killings she feels the clash of that life and this new one where she is challenged to become a rancher, a bar waitress, a private investigator, and finds herself running for Sheriff as well.

Mercy is also hiding not just her feelings, her plans, her personal life but also her torrid affair with a man that she refuses to acknowledge is sharing her bed and is in denial of loving him and worse yet, needing him. Dawson is so well written that you find yourself smelling his scent and feeling his touch. He is none other than the Sheriff, a man folks see Mercy bickering and battling words with every time they see each other! They are as wildly passionate about verbally attacking each other in the day as they are about physically challenging each other in her bed at night!

This story thrills and teases the reader until it comes to a heart-stopping conclusion with a few truly shocking twists! As the story begins, Mercy is doing practice shooting on some destructive prairie dogs where she is given the dilemma of taking a shot or not, when, in her scope, she sees a huge mountain lion who is wearing her many battle wounds on her aging body. Once in her prime and now almost pathetic she must decide whether to take the shot or let her be ... in her condition wouldn't this be a "Mercy Kill"? As will also be the question she asks about a friend with cancer, a friend who has gone horribly rogue, and even about herself. But once she runs into two of the most terrifying sadistic brothers Victor and Saro, she must overcome the living nightmares that stalk her.

This is so very well written that I stayed hungry for more and more until too quickly, I had come to the last page and though sated, I was thrilled when I realized that another Mercy Mystery is surely in the works!

I highly recommend this thoroughly satisfying novel with Mercy or Gunny Gunderson and I cannot wait to read the other Mercy Novels. I promise you that you will feel as I do! So gooo ... get to Amazon and buy it for yourself or as a gift! You will thank me.

About the Author:
Lori Armstrong is a very successful and much lauded writer. She was given the 2009 Shamus Award, the Willa Cather Literary Award, nominated for the High Plains Book Award and the Daphne du Maurier Award. Lori has won me over 100% by her amazing gift and remarkable skills as a writer and a mesmerizing storyteller!

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