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Stine, R.L. "Red Rain"

R.L. Stine Books

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R. L. Stine
Red Rain
Touchstone Hardcover/Simon & Schuster
On Sale October, 2012
Price: $24.99 US / $28.99 CAN

Well, Shut the front door! ... and the back door ... lock the windows and turn on all the lights ... hide in the closet with a flashlight and this book!! I was flabbergasted, that describes my reaction best! Yes, I am talking the master of fright nights for kids who hid under the covers spellbound as they hungerily ate up every scary, terrifying, scene in R. L. Stine's "Goosebumps" Book series for young readers. Even I wondered if this genius of fear would ever write for these kids who now are grown and have kids of their own. WELL he did!! And Boy Did He!!!! With this brilliantly written novel "Red Rain", Stine proves that he definitely has it in him to challenge the greats in the Thriller/Horror genre ... think Dean Koontz, Douglas Preston, Harlan Coben and then amp-it-up by a hundred!

I will warn you that this is a full-out terrifying book for adults not to be read by kids who might be readers of Goosebumps. The first time he used adult language I almost fell off my bed (and dropped my flashlight!) what? did "my" R. L. Stine just say that word? and eewww tell me he didn't just describe a mini erotic (but carefully written) scene? YES! Yes he did and after I agjusted to the fact that nice Uncle Stine who scared me as a child was NOT your Grannie's safe scary book writer anymore, I was able to just devour this delicious book of thrills and chills and allow Stine to take me to the darkside where sunshine and white fluffy clouds in blue skies ominusly turn to red rain, red with blood.

Lea Sutter, a Travel Blog writer and photographer, has traveled to the small island to cover a little known ancient ritual where her peaceful life will be shattered and her sanity will be shredded. The opening chapters yanked me right in and I could not put this book down. As a raging hurricane heads their way, the island just off South Carolina is almost leveled, thousands die and all contact is lost. Lea, wandering in a state of shock, sees a sight that rips at her heart. Twin boys walk out of the red rain - pale skinned, platinum blonde hair with shocking blue eyes, dressed in white, walk to her and fall into her arms. Lea sees this as a sign, a redemption of sorts. Unable to contact her husband Matt Sutter , a Child Psychologist who's new book has hit the Bestseller list but amid intense controversy, to ask him about her adopting these beautiful twins. She makes a rash dicision that will bring danger not just to her family, but the town and even the town's children. Stine deviously teases the reader with tidbits of terror and sadly for my husband, Stine seems to have perfected the clever art of "cliff hanger" endings in his chapters, you know the kind. "Well for heaven's sake I can't leave the story there!!!! I'll just read one more"! Then the book owns you!

I recommend this book to all mystery/ thriller lovers. I also suggest that you put it on your Christmas list for the "Goosebumps" teen readers who will truly be excited to have this R. L. Stine gem to savor over the Holidays. Remember to use Mystery Net's link to Amazon. Warning: Mystery Net is family friendly so just a small heads up to parents this book contains some adult language, a few slightly sexual scenes and some very descriptive gory scenes. But for me an old granny, I loved it!

About the Author:
R.L. Stine has been a writer since he was 9 years old and wrote religiously through his school years, becoming a writer at Ohio University where he graduated and moved to New York tp follow his passion for writing works to frighten mostly kids and teens. He wrote many works with some success but he skyrocketed to fame with the amazingly successful book series "Goosebumps". In my opinion Stine single-handedly inticed my 3 sons and millions of other children to begin to discover that reading was fun and that hunger turned them into avid readers of all genres. Thank you scary Uncle Stine!!!

For those of you parents that want a safe but (kid friendly) scary website to entertain your kids here it is.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Stine, R.L. "Red Rain"

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