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LaSalle, Eriq: "Laws of Depravity"

Eriq LaSalle Books

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Laws of Depravity by Eriq LaSalle Published 2012 $15.00

OH MY GOSH!!! What a book!! I was not only hooked after the first two pages I was consumed! I have always been a fan of Eriq LaSalle, the actor best known for his role on ER but what a shocker it was for me to read his book and discover that he is an even more talented and gifted writer! Trust me on this, if you love stories that grab you by the throat, mesmerize and equally repulse and entice, this is the book for you.

Eriq's creation of a purely evil soul is amazing to watch develop. The villain in this thriller equals Hannibal Lector in his insanely evil intelligence. Before I knew his name, I was identifying this monster as "the Executioner" and I was enthralled by him from page one. This vengeful depraved genius is much like Hannibal in that what he does is horrible and revolting yet like Hannibal I craved more of him in the story! You will find that as you read, you will many times face the dilemma of whether you want him to escape so he can continue his "cause" of ridding the world of people who are hypocritically corrupting this same world OR find yourself searching your moral fiber and saying the Executioner should be stopped and punished for these horrific murders. I fought an inner battle till the last page.

The basic story is of sexual perversions, crimes against children and searching for justice. I will say that Eric handles the crimes against children brilliantly; there is no discussion that you need to fear. It's stated but not described. We all know so he saves us from that re-living of the scenes. He does bring it home right away with the discoveries by these detectives, who have deep dark secrets of their own. They become driven after the suicide of an 11 year old choir boy. The subject matter was handled unbelieveably well by LaSalle. Eriq does a tremendous job of taking the reader on a journey of self-discovery with these fully developed yet flawed individuals, through a soul stripping journey to redemption, resolution, and spiritual clarity for each of them.

The Executioner has been a serial killer most of his life. He is a demented but brilliant "behemoth" of a man who has devoted his life and his skills to exacting vigilante justice for the victims who can not speak for themselves, just as he could not defend himself as a child from his abuser, a sadistic man that used religion to justify his atrocious acts.

He doesn't hesitate to kill anyone who gets in the way of his quest, which caused me much distress. I cannot wait for Hollywood to get their hands on this and make a movie. The main characters are this wretched man, this giant of 'death' who is now being pursued by detectives that are as colorful and with as much depth as any I have ever read. At one point, they doggedly chase this killer through crime scenes that would challenge even the most seasoned pros or veteran medical examiners! I pictured them so easily and endearingly. I pushed so hard for them in their chasing their own personal demons as they sought to bring this sadistic fanatic to his end. Also there is an amazingly well She champions them all to the most exciting conclusion I have ever read. I shared with hubby that following the story of these three, I was reminded of Captain Ahab's fanatical pursuit of the white whale! If this book is not made into a movie it will be a crime, and a terrible loss of some of the best developed characters ever. Not since Tom Harris have I read anything like this.

LaSalle stays true to his players and I loved that. His back-story is that a maniac has been targeting religious leaders who have hypocritically preached morals of high standards while secretly ruining the lives of the innocents. He returns to his slaughter in New York and from the first moment, this evil genius extracts justice in recreating the slaughters of the Apostles. If that is not enough to send chills down your spine, Eriq's ability to write a scene so perfectly as to put you, however reluctantly, right there will keep you up nights. For true thriller lovers this is a must-read!

About the Author:
Eriq LaSalle is best known in his role on the TV show ER. Also from his many films and directing accomplishments for companies like HBO and Showtime. I feel his true talent is writing. Eriq was educated at Julliard and NYU. This book "Laws of Depravity" is his debut novel but I truly sincerely hope he goes on to write many many more of these amazing thrillers!!! My best to you Eriq!!

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / LaSalle, Eriq: "Laws of Depravity"

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