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Briant, Shane

Shane Briant Books

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Picking up the pen that was dipped in blood by Thomas Harris and Stephen King, Shane Briant (star of the Hammer Films classic Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell ) delivers a powerful page-turner and haunting thriller with his newest release, Worst Nightmares.

What's your worst nightmare? Would you tell a complete stranger? Through his website, innocent people entrust the mysterious Dream Healer with their deepest and most desperate fears in hopes of having them cured forever. However, feeding off of their vulnerability, the Dream Healer becomes death dealer as he savagely stalks and tortures his victims, rendering them defenseless, and kills them in the exact manner of their nightmares.

Dermot Nolan is struggling with paralyzing writer's block as he tries to follow up his last brilliant, award-winning book. With his half-million dollar advance gone, his agent demanding pages, and a megawatt film deal hanging in the balance, Nolan is desperate for inspiration when a crudely written manuscript (a minute-by-minute account of the Dream Healer's brutal horror spree) is stuffed in his mailbox. Frantic to recreate his prior success, Dermot decides to appropriate the Dream Healer's "diary" as his next masterpiece. But the Dream Healer soon ensnares him in his plot and Dermot finds himself fighting for his life trapped in his own terrifying worst nightmare.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors A - B  / Briant, Shane

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