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Bradley, Miriam Jones

Miriam Jones Bradley Books

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The Double Cousins Mysteries are written for pre- through young teens (though enjoyable for all ages) and revolve around normal activities in traditional families except with the added spice of mysteries that we all wish we could have (or could have had) to liven up our summer vacations, school years, visits to family, and so on. These young people are smart, funny, and fun to be with as they work, play, grow, and learn to live lives of faith, hope, and love.

The Rawson kids (Dorie, 13; Max, 10; and Chad, 8) and the Johnson kids (Carly, 10, and Molly, 8) are not just cousins, but double cousins. What does that mean? Some years back, of course, Jack and Sheila Rawson (brother and sister) married Joanna and Jeff Johnson (sister and brother). So their kids (our kids, the kids in this story) are cousins on the Rawson side AND on the Johnson side DOUBLE cousins. Confused? The Double Cousins aren't not about that, anyway. They are confused, however, by events and people in their summer visit to the ranch owned by Grandpa and Grandma Johnson, and by the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the brother of their Grandpa's Grandpa (their great-great-great-uncle Zachary). Come along with them on their first great adventure, The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Missing Watch.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors A - B  / Bradley, Miriam Jones

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