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An Alabama Heartache
Allie Justice - 08:00am Mar 20, 2012 PST

June 2002 No Longer Silenced!

This is a travesty! This is one of the most heartbreaking stories I have ever watched unfold and it deserves to be heard! Its bad enough when a mother has to endure a mothers worst nightmare but what follows is nothing short of horrific and is something I'll never forget and neither should you! I am writing this on behalf of this family that was silenced by our so called Alabama "Justice" system! I stumbled on that website and it talks much about the injustice of the Marion County Justice system. It is not this families situation but it is truthful but you have to select all to see the hidden text. Anyway, this Hamilton family may have been silenced from speaking the truth, but I wasn't!! I write this with a very heavy heart and my heart goes out to this woman and her children. I don't know how anyone could have just sat by and watched this family get torn apart after their lives were already just shattered, let alone helped or facilitate it after what they have gone through. And anyone who knows the Alabama Justice System in Marion County knows how corrupt it is and will completely agree that it is in serious need of some honest, respectable people in the offices. Not people who get in trouble for drugs and remain on the bench or authorities who continuously break the law, take advantage of people and still remain in office. Don't believe me.. do your homework and see it for yourself! Google it, its not that hard! Here.. You can start HERE (click on the yellow tape at the bottom of the page) or here how Judge Cashion protects the guilty! If I found it that easy, so can you!


Here are the facts:

Shirl Weaver, a mother of 6-children lived in Hamilton, Alabama. This woman and her children were a God-fearing family who were abandoned by her husband, Thomas Edwin Hendricks of 4 and a half years of marriage for an older woman by the name of Tammy Miller Floyd who is the daughter of a pentecostal preacher and a very religious family out of Mississippi. She moved in only 2 doors down in September of 2001 who was engaged to another man at the time of their meeting.

Shirl, Thomas and her children were involved in Churches bringing people to Christ. God blessed them by giving them favor and ended up doing a weekly television program with the church they belong to which was "Christ Mission Chapel" and her children formed and headed up a drama team with the other members of the church called "CMDT" Which stood for "Christ Mission Drama Team.

One November evening of 2001, Shirl and her children were told by Thomas that he was leaving them because he felt more love from Tammy's two children then from the 6 who loved him dearly. It later came out that Thomas later admitted that he left because was tired of feeling guilty while being in the ministry with Shirl and her children because there were other things he wanted to do with his life, such as joining the original Klu Klux Klan group that is headed by Pastor Thomas Robb in Harrison, AR, (Thomas made it clear he actually wanted Thomas Robb's position), Thomas was feeling guilty because he wanted to get high but the bottom line is when he admitted that he had actually fallen in love with their new neighbor, Tammy Floyd. Shirl and Thomas Divorced.

Thomas told her since it was his fault for the breakup, he would pay for the divorce. Shirl agreed, hired an attorney and Thomas skipped out without paying the attorney. Shirl's friends pitched in and helped her pay for the divorce because they felt what he did was wrong and were happy to give her the money just to see Thomas out of their lives and what they thought would end their pain.

Tammy and Thomas moved across town into a home with Tammy's two children, Scotty and JJ. Shirl's children's names were as follows: James Keith, Jeremy Alan, Zachariah William, Christian Lee, Jessie Joe and Harley Marie. Harley was the youngest and the only girl of the 6-children and the only child that was born between Thomas and Shirl.

On May 12, 2002 Shirl and her children moved to the outskirts of town onto County Highway 73, where Shirl wanted her children to have a better life and not have to deal with the everyday pain of seeing the only man they considered "Daddy", living with another woman and other children whom he now considered his children. Instead of the ones who loved him so dearly and it was too hard for Shirl to see the man she was married to with her supposed to be new best friend, Tammy Miller Floyd.

Why Shirl was ever nice to Thomas and Tammy, God only knows but she was! Shirl said she didn't feel the children should suffer because of his stupidity. June 19, 2002 Thomas asked Shirl if she would be willing to watch Tammy's children for one week until the 26th while Tammy joined Thomas on the road for an escorting job where they drove escort for wide loads and such. Shirl agreed and took

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