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New Mystery: The Three Friends Potluck by Henry Lopez
Postcog - 07:48am Jun 9, 2005 PST

Part 1 of 2

The Three Friends Potluck by PostCog

The guests volunteered Ma to the task of hosting.The young man didn’t mind the task, but he kept in mind that the idea wasn’t his to begin with.

“Come on over!” Theodore said, “It’ll be great for you to practice your rusty people skills. And besides, I know you‘re really good with names and faces.”

Ma stood up once again to grab some chips and punch from the table. All of the dishes that the guests brought were decked out to impress. And impressed Ma was! From the appetizers to the finger foods to the main dishes, he had tried out each item.

“Is that your second helping of spaghetti?” Theodore asked.

“You betcha!” Ma answered happily.

Everyone chuckled. The gathering was a warm one and everyone seemed to get along. Several guests sat on the chairs and sofa. They told jokes and stories and reminisced on the old days.

“Could you be a dear, Ma, and get me some chips?” Cindy asked.

“No problem!”

From the sitting area of the living room, Ma passed the front door and walked to the food table. He wasn’t in a rush and mingled with other guests around the roast beef.

“I can’t forget the high school days,” Theodore said with a tear in his eye, “But the party wouldn’t be complete without THOSE three.”

“THOSE three?” Ma thought, “That’s right. Randy, Dmitri, and Wallace.”

Ma even knew their faces. Or at least their faces from their last year of high school. They were on the guest list.

“They’re always so unpredictable,” Cindy said, “Who knows when they’ll show up if at all!”

“Oh, they’ll show. From as far as I can remember, they could never resist putting on a show.”

“Was that just a warning for me?” Ma wondered.

“Thank you,” Cindy said as Ma handed her a plate, “Hey, someone’s knocking on the door.”

All of the guests were now settled in on the sofas and chairs enjoying their meal. Ma opened the door. The face was chubbier, but not the expression or eyes.

“If I’m correct. This fellow is Dmitri.” The new guest asserted a firm handshake.

“Good to be here,” Dmitri boomed, “Theodore, you haven’t aged a day! Get up here you!”

Theodore knew something was up, but he got up anyway and approached Dmitri’s extended hand.

“Too slow, my friend!” He quickly moved his hand to the back of his head.

Even Ma was amused.

“So you are the impartial host! Do not sit down just yet or you, Theodore. My comrades will arrive shortly.”

Cindy stood up and walked over to the party table clutching her open purse.

“It’s the least I can do,” she said to Ma, “You can’t host and serve at the same time.”

And then another knock.

“Ah, this must be the famous Randy!” Ma began as he shook his hand.

“Please, no fancy intros,” the newcomer said brushing his hair back, “And yet, you must admit, I am to die for. In the state I’m in, I’d kill for me.”

The room grew quiet. The friend smiled sadly.

“Geez, no one’s changed. That’s called a joke!”

“I missed you, man! You‘re still the drama club protégé we know and love.” Dmitri said. What started as a formal handshake with the right hand became a firm hug with the other.

“You’re still as strong as ever! And you Theodore…”

What Theodore thought would be a handshake became a gentle shove to the face.

“You still have much to learn.”

More laughter.

“I guess it’s your turn to get served,” Ma thought chuckling to himself.

Randy walked over to the food table and began piling a plate.

“Oh, another knock. And finally Wallace!”

“You’ve got quite a grip there partner,” the final friend said to Ma, “It’s you!”

Wallace took Dmitri by the hand and gave him the same greeting as Randy.

“These guys are really close.” Ma smiled.

“We can’t forget Theodore! We used to pick on you so much, but maybe we can put that behind us.” Wallace approached Theodore’s outstretched hand and simply laughed. More chuckles.

“Would you like some food?” Cindy asked, “You must try the nachos.”

“How can I resist?” Wallace walked over.

“I’m not hungry,” Dmitri said.

In one smooth motion, Dmitri removed his jacket, spun around, and tossed his jacket on to the coat rack in the corner next to the sofa. Applause followed from the impressed crowd as he strutted and sat among th

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