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It's night outside trough the storm someone yelling is heard. Nobody notices it since there's blizzards and thunders outside.

In the quiet morning at 6AM the police recives a call. A man was found dead in his apartment by his girlfriend.

The crime scene was arranged as following:

The corpse was in the kitchen stretched whit his face upside down. He was covered whit a brand new gray coat. His head was hit whit a hammer. The hammer had the fingerprints of the victim only and none other. There were no break-in signs. Trough the house and the kitchen the fingerprints of 4 people were found: those of the victims, his girlfriend, his best friend (boy) and those of a co-worker (girl).

As the 3 were called at the police station in order to have they're alibi checked they were dressed as following:

His girlfriend: She had a long black dress and black shoes. His best friend: Red pants, blue T-shirt whit green dots and black shoes. His co-worker: Gray hat and skirt, lavender skirt and a lavender jacket

The girlfriend had no alibi since she said that she said that she had to go to her boyfriend since she forgot her purse there last night but since the streets were empty nobody has seen here and her family didn't wake up at that time. The co-worker had no alibi as well since usually at that hour she was jogging trough the empty park for one or two hours and only then went to work. The friend had an alibi since he slept over at a friend beacuse he lost his home key.

As they were asqed if any of them had a gray coat only the co-worker answered affirmative. As soon as the police looked at it they noticed that it is the exact same model and size as the one that the body was covered whit.

From all the people that knew the co-worker of the victim they heard that she is very smart but short tempered.

From the victims girfriend's family they heard that she is calm and keeps all of her anger locked inside of her. They also know now that she is also very smart.

So who is the murderer? (Please axcuse my bad english also...)

Fran Hinkel - 03:37am Jan 8, 2009 PST(#1 of 1)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

Well, I'm stumped. It sounds like no one was wearing a coat. Although the gray hat of the co-worker would suggest she also had a gray coat, she admitted to having one and it is in her possession. The friend needs to watch What Not to Wear, LOL!

I'm suspicious of the co-worker, who according to her habit and alibi, should have been wearing jogging clothes. So, my guess is the co-worker.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Writing Mysteries  / Mysteries By Members  / Solve-it-Yourself and Puzzle Mysteries  / Colors - by blue

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