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Rasmussen, Amanda Rae: "Tempean"

Amanda Rae Rasmussen Books

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By Amanda Rae Rasmussen
e-book on Kindle
Download from Amazon Price $5

Have you ever just wanted to pack up and walk away from your hectic, stressed out life and go on that adventure that you have always wanted since you were a kid? Well in “Tempean” Marissa Barns does that very thing. In a few Chapters you find adventure and awe as Amanda Rae brings the old West to life as she lovingly describes her country … the beautiful rugged mountains, the landscape and something that I found as a rare treat … horses, magnificent horses!

Marissa’s backstory is one of chilling details of a woman who has no memory of her childhood. She was found wandering aimlessly and covered in someone else’s blood. A child whose only present emotions seemed to be fleeing and fear … but fear of what?

A chance encounter finds Marissa once again eerily bloody and on the side of the road in an accident. Luckily for her, she is rescued by two strong but competitive best friends. After she is released from the Hospital they offer her a place to find that peace and quiet she so desperately needs and offer her a job working with the horses. They take her to Tempean, the embodiment of the old west they both love, own and operate. Things get complicated when she realizes they both have Marissa in their sights, but is she in danger? Someone there knows of her life before the amnesia and even knows whose blood was on her! Marissa finds refuge in their mountain top city, sparsely populated and designed to be a true authentic experience of the Wild West as it really was back in the day. Amanda Rae brilliantly guides the readers through plot twists and buried dark secrets leaving the reader too curious at the end of the chapter to put the visual reader down!

Marissa finds her answers when she connects with someone from her past, and something that calls to her memories … amazing horses that not only provide healing but force her to face the disturbing nightmares and the fear of her past. A pleasant surprise is when one intriguing man is able to bring a few of her walls down, as Amanda brings their passion to the reader so vividly that you, as the reader, are transported to a place we all dream of … a place called Tempean!

About the Author:

Amanda Rae writes about what she has lived. She has worked with and trained horses most of her life. This is her first book and hopefully not the last. Amanda lives in Colorado with her husband Pete, son Caleb and daughter Alicia. She is a devoted lover of animals and a true champion of their cause, with her greatest love being horses as you can easily tell in this very enjoyable book.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Rasmussen, Amanda Rae: "Tempean"

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