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Leotta, Allison: Speak of the Devil

Allison Leotta Books

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Speak of the Devil
By Allison Leotta

Published by Touchstone 2013
Price $25.00 US & $28.99 CAN

Just the Title and subtitle “Speak of the Devil … and he will appear!” gave me the shivers but once I started reading this book I knew I was in for a ride through the scariest “Horror House” in any creepy Carnival! And wow was I correct. Not since the Exorcist have I been so terrified that I got up and found my Rosary, double checked the doors and window and enticed my dog to climb on the sofa with me by plying her with gourmet doggie treats! Yes this is a scary, chilling and graphic story. It is not for those under 18 or faint of heart. The first few chapters I was making such faces of repulsion that my husband told me laughingly that I better watch it or my face was gonna freeze like that! BUT some of our members love these gritty, hard core fear fests so I wanted to give this novel a chance. If you love to have the life scared out of you this book is for you!

“A fourth intruder stepped silently through the bedroom door. In his right hand he carried a bloody machete. In his left, he held up the severed head … Tierra shuddered at the head, but the beast who held it terrified her even more … His skin was entirely covered with dark hieroglyphs. His nose was just two nostrils sunken into his face. He had long black hair and two fleshy horns protruding from his forehead. His wicked grin showed sharp teeth, filed down to fangs. He was the devil … Tierra lost control of her bladder.”

I have reviewed the other two books written by Leotta and I truly enjoyed those. This woman is headed for many Literary awards, I feel certain. She is a “female” Tom Clancy mixed with some King and Koontz thrown in and with a dash of Patricia Cornwell!

According to National Geographic, the Mara Salvatrucha, known as MS-13, is the world’s most dangerous and brutal gang. On the night Anna Curtis gets engaged she is introduced to the brutality and savagery of the MS-13 when she faces a depth of depravity she had not seen before and she fears that this Diablo, this Devil is headed for her doorstep! Anna is assigned to investigate the horrific case with her special skills and her dogged determination that hasn’t ever failed her but this case will change her forever. Leotta so cleverly writes this novel with her craftily twisted plot and her ability to set each scene up to where you can actually close your eyes and imagine it before you, a rare talent. I would recommend this horrifying book if you enjoy having your wits scared out of you and sleeping with the lights on!!

About the Author:
Allison Leotta was a Federal sex-crimes Prosecutor in Washington, D.C. for 12 years. She is the acclaimed author of “Law of Atrraction” and “Discretion” Leotta who could pass for a movie star, lives with her husband Michael and their 2 sons outside of D.C.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Leotta, Allison: Speak of the Devil

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