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In need of some ideas!!
Hello Everyone, My name is Drew Galaska and I'm a 20 year old college student who loves to write short stories. As I'm sure most of you do too, I find it to be very relaxing. Unfortunatly, I have have been under a lot of stress lately and I have come down with a bad case of writer's block. I could use the help of anyone who is willing to take a minute out of their time and offer it. I usually write short stories that would fall under a drama or thiller type catergory but I love reading mysteries and I want to try to write one. Does anyone have any good ideas for a basic plot? My least favorite part about writing is character names (I actually use numbers as names in the stories that are just for me to keep it simple), so if anyone has some neat characters names, that would be appreciated too. I will take any advice or suggestions I can get. Please dont hold back! Thanks and I hope to become a regular in this forum. -Drew

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