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Persistence Pays Off - Success Stories
Jim Moore - 09:12pm Apr 17, 1998 PDT

When I retired from government service I decided to try my hand at writing books. From time to time I'd do an article for some magazine covering something I knew about and some of them were published. But my main goal -- getting a book published -- took longer. For nearly five years I worked simultaneously -- switching back and forth as the mood struck me -- on two books: a nonfiction true-crime book about the US Treasury agents who investigate federal firearms and bomb cases; and a political thriller about international gunrunners. True, these were subject I knew about (I'm a retired ATF agent) but there's nothing in either book a persistent writer couldn't have learned by doing research. Then, for another 3 years I tried to get one of them published. I wasted nearly 2 years trusting literary agents who claimed they'd do their best. Perhaps they did -- all I know is, they failed. But I kept at it, contacting some publishers myself and still searching for a good agent. The payoff to this little saga is my success and it's a little strange. An excellent agent (so-judged from her performance) sold my nonfiction ("Very Special Agents") to Pocket Books; and I sold my suspense thriller myself to a small press here in Maine. The strange coincidence is that, even though each of the books went their separate ways, after all those years I received both contracts the same month. So I have three words for writers who really want to get published: Don't give up!

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