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McDonough, Jeannie: “Caught in the Act”

Jeannie McDonough Books

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Caught in the Act
By Jeannie McDonough
With Paul Lonardo

Published by Penquin Group
2011 A Berkely True Crime Book
US $7.99 CAN $9.99

Once I picked up this book that Paul has sent me, I was under the impression that I was already well aware of this serial killer and the cases so as I always do, I went straight to the slick pages of actual photographs (you know you do it too … lol). I began to read and as I read this brave Mother’s descriptions I felt it all come flooding back.

Jeannie, like all good storytellers, starts at the beginning as she chronicles the crimes and the news coverage and then her own actions that one night and takes the reader through the trial and even shares the survivor guilt and how they dealt with the aftermath.

As a Mother who had a similar experience, I can tell you that you truly can not be prepared for how you will act as you are settled into your own home with children safely put to bed … and you hear noises and a voice of a stranger! The worst has already happened … a monster is inside your house already in your child’s room!! I agree with Jeannie, you immediately go into shock and you get what I call “tunnel-focus” you feel like your body has turned to lead and your brain is just screaming “No .. no … don’t touch my child! STOP!” That guttural fear causes you to shut down any sensations from your body and all you can think is to get between this intruding predator and wrap your protecting arms around your loved ones. You will read for yourself what amazing feats parents can accomplish when they are faced with this ultimate danger!

His name is Adam Leroy Lane. His job was truck driver. His size was huge - tall, heavy and muscular ( a bear of a man). His affliction, a deep violent hatred of women. His favorite sport not football but hunting, not animals but women. His favorite book was a How To on stalking and killing women. On the FBI’s most dangerous scale he would be at the top! What he didn’t count on was the very thing he must have known nothing about … deep devoted family love!! This book tells the “true” story of this very family and the night that the “Highway Killer” chose their young daughter’s bedroom to slaughter his next victim - their 15 year old Shea, but instead of Lane’s thrill kill and escape, the McDonoughs, armed only with their amazing strength and determination to save their child, they put an end to this violent maniac’s reign of terror that hot July night in 2007. I dare you to read this story and not find yourself searching within your own soul as to “What would I do in this situation?” I found this well-written telling of the capture of the “Highway Killer” to be not just inspirational but thought provoking and informative. After reading this I put the book back on the shelf, checked my doors and windows and sent text messages telling all my children and grandchildren how much I love them!

About the Author:
Jeannie McDonough: born in Boston, grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts. She is married to her childhood sweetheart Kevin, with whom she has two children, Ryan and Shea.

Paul Lonardo: is a known collaborator of many books and projects. Paul has been trained in screenwriting and film production. I was surprised when I read that he has a degree in Mortuary Science and English Literature. He lives with his wife and son in Rhode Island.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / McDonough, Jeannie: “Caught in the Act”

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