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Resnick, Mike: The Trojan Colt

Mike Resnick Books

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The Trojan Colt
by Mike Resnick

Seventh Street Books June 2013

Price $13.95 US $15.00 CAN

Do you love well written detective novels with a gruff, snarky, retired cop who has turned to taking any Security or P.I. jobs that come his way and have a blast while reading it? Well this one is for you!

In this adventure veteran cop, Eli Paxton takes a well paying easy job of protecting a promising colt named Tyrone, while potential buyers examine the colt and then bid on him the next day. Then Eli will collect his money and return home ... but that isn't what happens!

Eli arrives in Kentucky with high hopes of staying at the fancy hotel and dining in 4 star restaurants ... but that isn't what happens either! What does happen is that Eli is to sleep in the barn and eat at the stables kitchen with the farmhands and the groomers. The groomer for the pureblood Tyrone is a very likable young man named Tony Sanders from whom Eli learns all about Horse Racing (except for the betting windows) and quickly realizes the passion this boy has. Eli notices a long scar on the colt's neck and Tony lovingly strokes the colt's neck and tells Eli the story. They spend a great deal of time together until the time comes for the sale. The colt pedigree comes from the sire Trojan, a legend in racing and the Colt is expected to bring in big money. Eli returns from his meal and is surprised to find a very shaken and ashen Tony. Eli tries to get the boy to tell him what's wrong, but Tony says he has to talk to someone first and then he promises Eli he will tell him everything.

Tony leaves in a rush and another groom takes Tyrone to the sale. The owners, the Bigelows, have turned from actual racing to breeding,and seem to be behaving oddly. Eli knows they have to be thrilled that their colt brings two and half million dollars. Eli searches for Tony to tell him the good news but Tony has disappeared and is thought to have run away, which cranky, sarcastic Eli refuses to believe. His Security job is over but when Tony's parents ask him if they can hire him to find out what happened to their son Tony, Eli eagerly takes the case. Once he does ... turn off your phones and make a pot of coffee and settle in with this book ... you are in for a race to the finish as Eli Paxton doggedly chases every confusing but tantalizing clue!

Join Eli (who's cat by the way hates him and he the cat but neither can live without the other) quickly discovers that Tony is not the only groom missing, who has watched the same colt. The clues are laid out in a satisfying way so that the reader can have the pleasure of solving it right along with grumpy but tenacious Eli. I recommend this fun read for your Summer book list.

Keep watch for my review of Resnick's novel "Dog in the Manger". Coming soon!

About the Author:

Resnick has won 5 Hugo Awards from 36 nominations! His works of 68 novels have been translated into 25 languages. How is that for impressive? A native of Chicago, Resnick attended the University of Chicago where he met his wife, Carol. He also produced a weekly column on horse racing for more than a decade, and for eleven years wrote a monthly column on purebred Collies, which he and his wife bred and exhibited. Mike Resnick is the author of "Dog in the Manger" another book for animal lovers and the first Eli Paxton mystery. Resnick currently lives in Cinncinati Ohio.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / Book Reviews  / Resnick, Mike: The Trojan Colt

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