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Your favorite mystery games
The*Wanderer/Alice - 01:36pm Apr 8, 2006 PST
You are who you are. Nothing in the universe can change that. Remember, nothing and no one is perfect.

Hi! This is a place where you can talk about your favorite mystery games. What's your favorite mystery game?

Is it Clue or Nancy Drew PC games? Do you like the Clue Chronicles? You can discuss it all right here. Find other mystery game lovers right here! You can meet new friends who likes the same games as you!

You can talk about the latest mystery game. Tell your friends about cool mystery sites you found. As long as it's appropriate and deals with mystery games, you say it all right here!

  • Hey -- really I was wondering if anyone has played... by T.Lynn - Oct 18, 06 (#1 of 6)
  • And for the record I did love the Clue Chronicles... by T.Lynn - Oct 18, 06 (#2 of 6)
  • The game I wanted to buy is creature of kafu... by Coll14 - Mar 15, 08 (#3 of 6)
  • The kids are discussing it over in the Nancy Drew... by Fran Hinkel - Jul 20, 08 (#4 of 6)
  • my favorite mystery game is probably clue...im not... by Lilycers - Aug 21, 09 (#5 of 6)
  • the kids are discussing carmen sandiego? by Lilycers - Aug 21, 09 (#6 of 6)

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