Adding a folder

Folders are similar to the directories or folders on your hard disk. They arrange discussions into different subjects.

New folder title:
Email list and/or newsgroup name:
This folder is an email list -- users can post by email
Checking this box allows posting to this folder by email. (However, the sysop has to first enable incoming SMTP messages to activate email lists.) Be careful where you allow posts by email -- as with all email lists, these posts are not authenticated and can be made by impostors.
New folder description:
Changing the appearance: A blank line starts a new paragraph. Starting a line with certain characters changes how it appears: 'b'=bold, 'i'=italic, 'c'=center, '*'=bullet, ']'=indent, '>'=quote. You may use HTML and links to previous messages. See the quick-edit help for more information.

Show your name in the folder heading