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Wright, L.R.
The Edgar Award-winning mystery writer Laurali R. Wright is the acclaimed author of haunting crime novels of the Pacific Northwest featuring Royal Mounted Police Staff Sergeant Karl Allberg. Titles include: A Chill Rain in January; Fall From Grace; Sleep While I Sing; The Suspect; Strangers Among Us and Prized Possessions.

Please discuss this author's work below.

Koli - 09:28am Sep 9, 1998 PST(#1 of 6)

She IS one of the very best mystery writers around. I recommend her to everyone, but very few have heard of her. Do you know where to get a complete list of her novels?

Tanya Girot - 04:31pm Sep 18, 1998 PST(#2 of 6)

There is a small internet site on L.R. Wright at: Http://

I found a book list in there previously but it seems to have disappeared. This is what it listed: '96 Strangers Amoung Us. '95 Mothers Love. '94 A Touch of Panic. '93 Prized Possessions. '91 Fall from Grace. '90 Chill Rain in January. '86 Sleep while I Sing. '85 The Suspect. Publishers included Viking and Scribner in the US. Happy Reading!

Mary Thompson - 04:01pm Nov 17, 1998 PST(#3 of 6)

Her books, "Strangers Among Us" "Fall from Grace" & "Mother Love" are out of print,but you can order them for reasonable prices at She is one of my favorite authors. I'm waiting to receive the ones I ordered from before I start "Acts of Murder."

Connie Massey - 09:12pm Nov 27, 1998 PST(#4 of 6)
La Jolla, California

The Seattle Mystery Bookstore has L.R. Wright come in for signings; I can't find my list of web sites right now, but they do have one and they can put you on their mailing list. Dana Stabenow also goes in there.

Jim Lewis - 01:16pm Oct 15, 1999 PST(#5 of 6)

She has been writing them at the rate of one a year since THE SUSPECT, her first. But there was no new book last year and none so far this year.

Given Ahlberg's "change of venue" at the close of ACTS OF MURDER, I wonder if she's decided to wind down the series.

Helen Farmer - 02:34am Oct 25, 2000 PST(#6 of 6)

L. R. Wright deserves to be far better known than she is; she has a wonderful sense of place, as well as a gift for psychological nuance. The only time I've been able to buy her books easily was on Vancouver Island, which is essentially her back yard. I think she's right up there with Ruth Rendell and Frances Fyfield.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors U - Z  / Wright, L.R.

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