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Walker, Robert
Robert Walker is the author ofKiller Instinct and Primal Instinct. If you like serial killer/forensic mysteries with a strong female lead then you'll like these books. The main character is Dr. Jessica Coran - Medical Examiner for Quantico, VA. Walker's writing style is similar to Patricia Cornwell.

Please discuss this author's work below.

Janis Noonan - 01:05am Jul 20, 1998 PST(#1 of 10)

Walker is one of the authors that I have read them all and eagerly await the next one. If you are looking for another author with a series, yes another forensic pathologist, try Leonard Goldberg. There are 4 or 5 books in his series.

Kelly O'Shea - 12:36pm Jul 20, 1998 PST(#2 of 10)
Tangled Web Mystery Bookstore, Salem, Ma

Also try Keith Ablow- Denial and Jeffrey Deaver - Bone Collector. Unfortunately these are not in a series, but are very good forensic mysteries.

Dawn Dowdle - 04:53am Jul 31, 1998 PST(#3 of 10)

Bill Pomidor writes a series where both the husband and wife are doctors. I believe she is a forensic pathologist and he is a geriatric doctor (but don't quote me).

Kathleen Ryan - 12:24pm Sep 3, 1998 PST(#4 of 10)

Kathleen - I have read all of the " Instinct " series and two of the " Edge " series with the character Dective Lucas Stonecoat. Could and one tell me if they know where to find his book " Razor's Edge " ?

Maggie O'Neil - 07:00am Jan 27, 1999 PST(#5 of 10)

Kathleen: The "Edge" series? If these are by Walker could you list some titles please? I have a difficult time finding any books by him out here. If there's another series by him I would love to hear about it. I wish there was a bookstsore in my area that specializes in mysteries. Does anyone know of any in the Cleveland, OH area? Many thanks, Maggie

Kathleen Ryan - 09:42am Jan 31, 1999 PST(#6 of 10)

Hi Ya Maggie,

Well I don't know if you can call it a series - there are as far as I can see only two books. They feature a detective by the name of Lucas Stonecoat with the HPD. The titles are Double Edge and Cutting Edge. You know that area in the front of the book that gives titles of other novels by the author? There is a listing for a book by Robert Walker called Razor's Edge. I have been told it is out of print - would'nt that mean it pre dates the other two novels. I am still hunting for it so is you hear anything please let me know. You can find the other two titles at Barnes and Noble - Later, Kathleen.

Maggie O'Neil - 02:10pm Feb 1, 1999 PST(#7 of 10)

Thanks for the info, athleen. I'll check out B&N and see if I can find these. Maggie

Kathleen Ryan - 01:29pm Feb 7, 1999 PST(#8 of 10)

Your very welcome Maggie - if you like Robert Walker try Greg Rucka - He has a series featuring a detective Atticus Kodiak - titles are - The Finder - The Keeper and The Smoker all are good reading.

karri carrico - 06:17pm Aug 7, 1999 PST(#9 of 10)

HI, I have enjoyed all of the Walker Instinct novels but could not get into the Edge novels. I found the first Instinct quite by accident at our small local township library. It was on the new release shelf. I then found the rest and read them all. Shortly after I started to read those I found the first Edge novel, also on the new release shelf. But I never did finish it. They were all in paperback. I did try our large library and was unable to find any of the Walker novels. Go figure. I have also seen 1 or 2 of his in paperback at our Walmart also.

Arlene Skupny - 05:49pm Jun 1, 2000 PST(#10 of 10)

I just read Walker's Hardcover,BLIND INSTINCT, and was very uncomfortable with this particular storyline. I've read all of his books and thought I could tolerate a lot, but this one left me feeling uneasy. I didn't care for the English setting either, but,as usual,the book was well written.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / Mystery Books & Authors  / List of Authors  / List of Authors U - Z  / Walker, Robert

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