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Top Ten Worst Criminals of the 20th Century
Who do you think would make the list of the Top Ten Worst Criminals fo the 20th Century?

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Eliza C. - 06:12am May 9, 2002 PST(#21 of 29)

You are so right about the Right Wing and the CIA-Mafia nexus. They certainly had the means and the motive to assassinate Kennedy. But I wonder why this group would want to get Kennedy out of the way and put Johnson in--he was another Democrat, how could they know he would be any improvement. Johnson was a shrewd politician who had a lot of popularity in the south--a formidable opponent for any Republican candidate in the upcoming 1964 election.

I feel that Johnson himself had the strongest motive. He hated the Kennedys. He was an ambitious and completely without scruples. And the fact that the crime was committed in Texas seems significant to me--Johnson's home turf.

Your theory that Oswald had a double is intruiging. I have heard it put forth before. But I tend to think it was the real Oswald who was arrested at the theatre. I wonder if he shot Officer Tippett because Tippett was involved in the plot. Maybe Oswald, realizing he had been made a patsy, felt he had to kill Tippett before Tippett killed him. Maybe Jack Ruby finished the job Tippett was assigned to do.

P Marlowe - 09:55am May 10, 2002 PST(#22 of 29)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

Now that is an interesting treatise. Had never thought of Tippett that way, but you could be very right. I, too, believe the real Oswald was captured, leaving the other to get lost in the darkened theater.

As to LBJ, won't argue there either since his name had already been linked with some sinister doings in Duvall County, Tx.

Buffy Sommers - 05:05pm Nov 3, 2002 PST(#23 of 29)
I want to live forever...or die in the attempt...

anyone who messes with a child is one of the worst I cant quite comprehend the sick perversion that drives some people to rape and molest children, what the hell do these people get out of that kind of thing??

P Marlowe - 03:58pm Nov 5, 2002 PST(#24 of 29)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

But so far the worst criminal is still Adolf Hitler - not only did he murder millions, he changed the world forever and not necessarily for the better.

Skyii Carter - 02:21pm Apr 16, 2003 PST(#25 of 29)

do we really know what happen? me personally i believe hitler was the way he was because of his parents. his father was a government official who physically, mentally, and emotionally bruised his wife, his children, and hated adolf.he made his children call him sir vato (sir father). tells alot. his mother was a house wife who lost several children during labor and if the children did live they were very sickly. but adolf wasn't and that made him her favorite. could it have been that hitler had a mentally ill or could he have thought that his actions were right?

Fran Hinkel - 06:34am Apr 27, 2003 PST(#26 of 29)
You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave!

And, what about all the people who carried out his orders? Were they also abused?

Jessica Greentree - 02:04am May 3, 2003 PST(#27 of 29)

Personally I don't think that you can blame other people for the way Hitler was.As sad as it is to say lots of people are abused and they don't grow up racist and trying to take over,with innocent people dying because of their ways.I feel very strongly that people are responsible for their own actions.

P Marlowe - 12:38am Jun 8, 2003 PST(#28 of 29)
Glenview 7537 - Hollywood

Never heard anyone come to the defense of Hitler before. He was, however, a vegetarian, didn't drink and loved animals. You wouldn't think those characteristics belonged to perhaps the most evil man to live in the 20th Century.

Many things were in play that created the atmosphere for a Hitler, but nothing anyone could ever say would come close to defending him or his Third Reich. He was a rational madman.

Anonymous Person - 01:30pm Oct 27, 2010 PST(#29 of 29)

frankie koehler. the guy killed SO many ppl... i think he killed a few cops.

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 [F] Mystery Net Community  / True Crime  / THE TRUE CRIME MORGUE  / Top Ten Worst Criminals of the 20th Century

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